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TiOye  Beautiful Mess Savon

TiOye Beautiful Mess Savon

Expected ship date July 7th 2024

This little skin loving gem is a must have ...made with Herbal and Fruit Extracts, Manuka Honey, Buttermilk Powder, together with butters and oils known for their skin loving benefits ...including our proprietary essential oils blend.

  • Create a rich lather by working savon into wet palms or wash cloth. Apply lather to damp skin, gently massaging all over the body and neck. Then rinse well. Avoid eyes, open wounds, cuts, and bruises. Keep away from pets and children. Store  savon (soap) dry place  after each use.



    TIP: For a luxuriously rich foam use Moringa Devine Savon with a Cleansing Net Puff, the soft, pliable net that instantly changes lather into a fine, dense, luxurious foam.

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