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CoCoSheaMa is dedicated to formulating  healthy hair and skin care products that are free from artificial, synthetic, and other toxic ingredients. Everything, including fragrances and colors, are sourced from real plants and fruits, unless otherwised stated. Our journey began many years ago through the love of creating  natural artisan soaps in the kitchen and continually learning and creating new techniques and formulation guidelines towards creating skin and hair loving products.

Our love for creating natural hair and skin pampering products has grown exponentially over the years to include natural herbal soaps such as the Chamomile Dandelion Herbal Savon and Colloidal Silver and Copper Savons and creams. Hair nurturing and invigorating  creations such as the Nour Moi Rice Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  Pamper your skin with natural body washes and shower gels created using  natural oils, and juice fruits such as the TiOye Caribbean Pineapple made with freshly juiced pineaple formulated into CococoSheaMa's signature formulated proprietary  blend gel. Try our Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum for your precious face, or any of our  pure products and rest easy knowing that you're using only the best natural ingredients.

 CoCoSheaMa is focused on creating the highest quality handcrafted, organic, wildcrafted, and non-GMO products.  We are now expanding our online presence and look forward to your continued support in our growth, while we continue to create even more handcrafted  decadently personalized body care products, for  total pampering and enrichment  so that your Mind is relaxed, your Body feels better and your Soul is inspired.


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